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Wool rugs and carpet. What you need to know.

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We’re excited about wool carpet and expanding our show room. Here’s why you need to upgrade your space with wool flooring today!


Wool carpet is one of the most durable of all the material flooring that is available in any showroom. Although it is more expensive than synthetic fiber carpets, it will add value to your home in the fact that wool will withstand any nylon carpet. Making wool installed flooring easy on your pocketbook. And with Synchrony 12-month interest free financing, this wool carpet addition to your home is a no brainer. 

Area Rugs.

Add elegance to your home space with an area rug made of wool. Not only are wool rugs highly durable, with natural stretch and elasticity, which means they can be bent and stretched over 200 times more than a synthetic fiber rug, wool is also environmentally friendly. 

Environmentally Friendly. 

Wool, as you may know, comes from sheep. In the summer sheep shed their wool coats in order to prevent overheating. There are particular types of sheep who are bred dependent on the specific types of wool that they grow. These sheep are expected to grow and shed their coats season after season. With a natural fiber like wool, these rugs are also recyclable. Making your wool carpet or area rug 100% sustainable. 

Stain Resistant.

Naturally holding moisture, wool is stain resistant due to the natural cover of lanolin which helps keep spills or dirt from piercing the material. It’s possible to avoid staining if the spill is blotted immediately with towels. Maintain your wool flooring by regular vacuuming. 

Not only is wool a no brainer for a home filled with activity from children and pets, it also comes in many different colors and patterns. Wool absorbs dye better than any other material, making the brightness of the color long lasting. 

Stop in store today to learn more about wool carpets and ask about Synchrony financing so you can get beautiful new flooring today, worry free!