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  1. Hardwood Flooring – Choose the right type for your home

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    Wood Flooring Shelby Township

    No flooring can compete with the attractive and richness of real hardwood. That is why our next blog topic is going to help you choose the right type of hard flooring for your home!

    First you need to think of where this wood will be installed. Basement, living room, or dining room? Your choice, but we at Main Floor Covering recommend if you like the look of hardwood flooring in a basement, that you go with an engineered wood. This will prevent any problems with moisture your basement may endear in the upcoming months and years.

    Engineered Wood Floors

    Engineered wood comes from an all-natural wood that is then broken down into cross sections and installed at a 90-degree angle. If the basement is your hardwood flooring look of choice, then engineered wood is the way to go!

    Solid Wood Floors

    If you are looking for a more elegant way to brighten up your living space, solid wood floors are an excellent decision with your choice of finishes such as cherry, hickory, and maple.  Solid wood floors are thicker and receptive to high and low temperatures. The selling point to this type of wood is that it lasts longer with the option to be recoated and refinished in the future.

    When looking and researching which type of hard wood floor to put in your home, it is best to step in to the store of Main Floor Covering so our experts can help you pick the most suitable flooring for your home.

    Hardwood Installation from Main Floor Covering

    Our installers at Main Floor know how to execute and decipher the right amount of materials needed to get the job done right. Please check out our hardwood flooring installation guide for more information. We look forward to starting your project!