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  1. How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

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    If you are building a new home, or are looking to freshen up your current home, carpet is the natural choice. Carpet comes in many different types and variations that it can liven up any space in your home that you share with your family and pets.

    At Main Floor Covering, we want you to fall in love with your new flooring, that is why we are here to help! As a Mohawk openline dealer we have access to My Mohawk RoomMate which will allow you to visualize any room in your home with different carpeting options, colors, and types.

    In addition to offering the Mohawk line, we also carry products from Shaw, Southwind, Kraus, Mathews and Parlo. Step in store today to start your flooring project!

    Tips on Choosing the RIGHT Carpet

    1. What is your style preference? Choosing the right style of carpeting to go with your décor is important. What is your décor style? Modern, Victorian, rustic, or traditional? Start with defining your preference and then add the flooring to match!
    2. What room are you looking to switch up? Dining room, living, or basement? Maybe the children’s room? Depending on the room you will want to add a different texture, color, or stain resistant carpeting.
    3. Do you have children or pets? If so, you may want a stain resistant carpeting such as SmartStrand Carpet that will repel marks and spots from coloring markers and dirt being brought in from your loved ones.

    Once you answer these questions you then will have a better idea of the direction you would like to go in. Main Floor Covering will have something for your style and room preference. Next you can think about the type of cushion you would like your carpet to have.

    Carpet Cushion

    Mohawk carpet cushion is designed to outlast and perform in order to extend the timeline of your carpet. We offer a wide selection of thickness and densities of carpet cushions in order to fit your lifestyle. Come talk to us, we would love to design your flooring project today!

  2. Start Your Flooring Project

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    Flooring Shelby Township MI

    Main Floor Covering in Utica MI is a full-service flooring store where you can find everything from hardwood, laminate, and carpet, complete with floor care essentials. What are you waiting for?! It is time to refresh your home with flooring in Shelby Township MI.

    Mohawk Open Line Dealer

    We have worked with Mohawk for over 30 years. We know their flooring line inside and out. At Main Floor Covering Utica MI we pair customer service with high quality flooring from Mohawk. Our partnership with Mohawk allows you to utilize My Mohawk RoomMate. With this program, we can visualize your living space with different carpeting options. Want to get started with Mohawk flooring at Main Floor Covering? Contact us today!

    What Flooring Options are you Looking For?

    When shopping for flooring, especially carpet, there are a few items to keep into mind regarding the type of carpet you are purchasing. Understanding the basics regarding carpet types will help you make the right choice for your home and lifestyle.

    Textured Plush Carpeting

    This type of carpeting is the most decorated with textured surfaces to help hide footprints or furniture marks. It also looks great between vacuuming! At Main Floor Covering we recommend textured plush to our clients as a great choice for the whole home!

    Saxony Carpeting

    This refined surface of carpeting called Saxony is luxurious with a soft finish. We love this carpeting for living and dining rooms as it will add elegance with small highlights and accents.


    Berber carpeting is available in multiple colors with the traditional loop. This textured look will hide footprints and vacuum markings. This type of carpet flooring will look polished in a variety of rooms especially where the kids and pets tend to play. We advise installing Berber in your contemporary or country cottage designed and furnished home.

    Start your Flooring Project

    With so many choices for carpet and flooring at Main Floor Covering, there is no doubt you will find your ideal match for your family and home. We look forward to serving you in the Utica, and Shelby Township area! Step in store today to start your flooring project!