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Summer Decorating Tips for your Home

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5 Summer Decor Tips – Inside and Out!

Summer is upon us and it has been a hot one. If you have been hosting parties this season than it is a good time to spruce up your décor inside and out!

Whether you are hosting a graduation party, bridal shower or family reunion, the summer décor switch up can allow some bright colors into your home and patio.

Let’s take a look at these 5 decorating tips to bring summer into your home.

1.    Outdoor Patio Entertaining

Summer entertaining means fun patio furniture. Put some vibrant throw pillows on those wicker chairs and sofas. Orange, yellow and pink accent pillows and outdoor rugs will add some brightness to your space. Add a rug to make the patio set complete. If orange, yellow, and pink are too bright for your color scheme, work with the palette that you already have in your home.

Add some lights to your patio ambiance, and we aren’t talking Christmas lights. A classic white bulb or themed tiki lights will add to an enchanted space.

2.    Summer Scents

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh cut grass, sliced watermelon or the BBQ grill firing up?! Adding scented candles and diffusers to your home will put you in a summer frame of mind. Mango, pineapple, and guava are great summer scents! Which is your favorite?

3.    Seasonal Bedroom Décor

Putting away that heavy winter comforter and switching to a lighter, brighter duvet can makeover your bedroom in an instance. Embracing summer prints, colors, and themes will give your room a beach front feel.

4.    Florals and Plants

One of my favorite parts of the warmer weather are all the beautiful seasonal flowers that come with the Solstice. Who doesn’t love to go to the nearest green house and grab a few baskets and hey event some fresh food plants for a vegetable garden?!

Hanging some bright colored baskets outside your home will add a beautiful and elegant touch.

A statistic shows having fresh cut flowers inside your home will make you happier. The site and smell have an effect on your mood. What are you waiting for?! Go grab some flowers!

5.    Create a Summer Themed Bar

With entertaining comes shaking up some cocktails! We love sipping on a mojito or margarita in the sunshine! Adding tropical liquors such as a coconut rum, or melon liqueur will put you and your guests in a summer state of mind.

That will do it for our 5 summer décor tips to brighten up your home. We want to see your seasonal décor in action! Send us a comment or a photo of your home on our Facebook Page! We look forward to seeing your work and of course, the best way to spruce up any home space is with new flooring! Step in store to start your luxury flooring project today!