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Holiday Decorating for your Home

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Our Favorite Time of the Year! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so that’s what they say. However, it is OUR favorite time of the year for decorating the home. With that comes along wreaths, garland, and of course the beloved Christmas tree!

Check out these holiday decorating tips for your home.

1. Colorful Centerpieces

One quick and easy way to dress up your space for this holiday season is to start with the kitchen and dining room tables. Start with a silver platter and add bulbs, evergreen and a few tealight candles in small jars. This will give an elegant look while also putting your space into the festive spirit

2. Bright and Merry in the Kitchen

Bring the décor from the dining room into the kitchen. Dress up your kitchen walls with a red berry wreath, add copper mugs to your hanging display and place candy canes to clear bowls to display the holiday cheer!

3. The Big Finale….

Now, not any Christmas is made without the classic Christmas tree. One of the most joyous experiences as a family is piling into the car and driving down to the local tree farm and grabbing the perfect blue spruce to dawn in your family home space. 

Decorating your holiday tree with homemade ornaments, ribbons, and popcorn string can make any ole tree look festive. 

Do you prefer white or colored lights on your tree? We prefer white, with adding green and red colored ornaments to the tree for a colorful addition!

While decorating your home for the holidays, also think about dressing up your spaces with new flooring from Main Floor Covering! Adding hardwood floor to your living space can add texture, and is easy to keep clean, especially while picking up those Christmas tree branches! 

Contact us today to start your flooring project! 

Happy Holidays!