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  1. Flooring and Carpet Store in Shelby Township

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    Shelby Township Source for Flooring and Décor Needs.

    Main Floor Covering has been locally operated flooring store since 1948! We provide many styles and patterns in flooring from tile to laminate, sheet vinyl to luxury vinyl. Step in today to start your project and an associate from Main Floor Covering will help you choose the right flooring choice for your home that will reflect your personal charm. 

    Mohawk Openline Dealer.

    Our partnership with Mohawk began 30 years ago. Our customer service associates have a high knowledge of the Mohawk product line including carpet and hardwood. 

    We also carry Mohawk FloorCare Essentials cleaners to keep your hardwood, laminate and carpet looking brand new for years to come. 

    Commitment to Shelby Township Flooring Customers.

    You are the number one priority as soon as you step through the front door. Our sales team will make you feel welcome and communicate the best flooring needs for your home and living space. Once the project has been decided on, upon receipt, installation will be scheduled at the time of your choosing. This flooring investment deserves to have the job done correctly and properly. 

    Flooring Financing Made Easy.

    12 months no interest with Synchrony. Stop in store today for special financing with your Synchrony HOME credit card. 

    We look forward to working with you soon! 

  2. Best Flooring Type for High Traffic Areas

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    Like most homes, there are high traffic areas from the hallway to the bedroom. Through the living room into the kitchen. How do you know the best flooring types for these runway areas? Read on to find out!

    Luxury Vinyl

    Both elegant and durable, luxury vinyl tile is still having a moment in most homes across the nation. We recommend Duraceramic and Alterna, as both brands we carry here in our store. Both brand options have the same look as ceramic or wood. They can be grouted and sealed with a lower cost and higher durability. 

    Classic Carpet and Nylon Fibers

    If you can’t get past the comfort of classic carpet for your home and busy rooms, then make sure to choose the right fiber. Nylon is the most common of all carpet fibers, and its resilience makes it a popular choice for areas of the home that have high foot traffic. 

    Another piece of the carpet puzzle to take into account in busy rooms are the stain-proof, and spill proof for children and pets. SmartStrand carpet from Mohawk includes stain resistance engineered into the fiber. That stain resistance will never wear or wash off. SmartStrand carpet from Mohawk never needs to be retreated with stain protectors, even after a steam cleaning. 

    Start Your Project with Main Floor Covering

    With two great choices of flooring for high traffic areas, which one are you going to choose? We have many in-store specials to make your financing and purchasing experience easier. With Synchrony financing, we are offering 12 months no interest. Step in store to start your project with Main Floor Covering.

  3. How to Choose the Right Tile for your Home

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    When looking for the right flooring for your home, there are many different factors to consider. 

    One being which rooms you are replacing the flooring in. Two, who spends the most time in those rooms. And three, what type of durability are you looking for.

    When you take in these three considerations with your retailer, all factors will point to tile. Now let’s take a deeper look into these three concerns when choosing the right tile for your home.

    1.   The Best Rooms for Tile

    Normally when you think of luxury tile in your home or office, you ultimately think kitchen and bathroom. While this is the ideal choice other than hardwood, tile can also be installed in the foyer and basement of your house as well. 

    2.   Lived in Spaces

    Another question you need to ask yourself during your search for the perfect flooring is, who spends the most time in the rooms where you would like to install tile. Including your family, pets, and visitors. You also need to consider how long you may want to have luxury vinyl tile in your home when planning to add more children and pets to your family in the near future. 

    3.   Durability and Long-lasting 

    After you answered the first two questions regarding placing tile in your home, the next factor in our list of “how to choose the right tile” is what type of durability are you looking for? Ceramic tile is available in a wide variety of colors and grains. And is flawless for all rooms in your home.

    Porcelain is one of the most durable types of tile in the industry since its dense material is water resistant and holds against exposure to freezing and thawing temperatures. Making it ideal for basements. 

    Looking for the ideal tile for your home can be a part time job. That is why we are here to help and assist with your next flooring venture and installation. Contact Main Floor Covering today to start your next flooring project! 

  4. 3 Reasons Why your Home Needs Luxury Vinyl Tile

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    Whether you are looking for basic vinyl tile or top of the line for your home, we have everything you need to up your flooring game at Main Floor Coverings. Mannington, Alterna, or Armstrong, either of these brands are the leaders in luxury vinyl tile

    Interested? Read on to find out why your home needs luxury vinyl tile today!

    1.  Waterproof and Easy to Clean

    One of the best benefits of vinyl tile is that it is waterproof and can virtually be installed in any room without the risk of wear and tear. With waterproof luxury vinyl tile, no need to worry about installing in rooms with potential leaks and spills such as the bathroom, basement or kitchen. 

    With the added benefit of being water-resistant, vinyl tile is easy to clean. Just a quick sweep and wipe down with a damp mop will do the trick in the areas of high traffic.

    2.  Looks like Real Tile and Wood

    With the realistic look of luxury vinyl, the options are endless for your flooring choices, whether you are looking for the touch of marble, wood, or decorative tile. Clients can choose if they want their vinyl tile to be grouted or sealed which would result in a ceramic-like look with an increase in durability. Also, a staggering installation effect will give the look of real wood floor! Which texture of tile would you choose? 

    3.  Stress-Free Installation

    Luxury vinyl tile is easier to install than hardwood and ceramic tiles. Whether you are installing yourself or utilizing our professional technicians, this installation process is stress and worry free. 

    If you are looking to add all of the functionality and durability of luxury vinyl tile to your home without the huge price tag, step in store today! We would love to start your flooring project today!