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2021 Spring Home Design Color Trends

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Pantone says to keep it cheery and bright.

Recently Pantone released its Spring and Summer color trends for this year. If you are looking to freshen up your home with a new splash of paint or flooring, consider these fashion forward hues. 

Marigold, Pantone 14-1050

Giving off a warming presence, this color will brighten up any space. Try adding this color with a throw blanket or pillows in your sitting room. 

Cerulean, Pantone 15-4020 

Calming and crisp. This Pantone hue gives off a sunny, Spring sky vibe that is made for a bedroom to give off a peaceful vibe.

Rust, Pantone 18-1248

Think earth tones for this one. Utilize this color with terracotta pots and vases. 

Illuminating, Pantone 13-0647

Known as “optimistic yellow.” This hue will brighten up an entire room. Utilize this tone for a statement piece such as an accent wall. 

Buttercream, Pantone 11-0110

Last, but certainly not least, buttercream is part of the “classic’s” palette of the 2021 spring and summer neutrals. Try swapping out white for this Pantone hue in your kitchen and entrance areas. 

That does it for the spring and summer colors collection. But, if you are looking to brighten up your space, try a bright accent rug from Milliken. These hues will be easy to incorporate with a Milliken rug and will liven up any room in your home. Step in store to start your project today!